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Organizational Consulting for Small, Moderate, and Large Entities With
Waste and Renewable Energy as the Primary Focus

Sustainable Solutions for a Successful Future

We Enhance Organizations and the Environment Through Zero Waste Initiatives

At Terra Forma Planetary Engineering Architect, we believe waste disposal can be used to improve the lives of people and organizations. Our sustainability consultants in Phoenix, AZ devise groundbreaking solutions to issues within the construct of the current waste management industry. We provide trusted counsel and guidance on new waste and sustainable technologies, enabling organizations and industries to elevate their systems and processes. Our services are designed to give organizations long-lasting sustainability and keep them within compliance regulations. We’ll customize your solutions to make your operations more responsible and profitable.

Our Services

Municipal Solid Waste
Renewable Energy
Hazardous Waste
Biosolids & Reclaimed Water

About Us

Taking Initiative

Governments, organizations, and individuals are needed to face our climate's challenges. We'll equip you with the resources to do your part.

Improving Use

We develop and ideate new ways to use waste and disposable materials, ensuring they're used for the betterment of the world.

Protecting Environments

With our focus on Ecocentrism, people need healthy environments to live and thrive. Our services provide protection for the environment and communities.

Sustainable Services for Elevating Operations

We have a wide array of clients, including waste management facilities, government institutions, private and public organizations, and individual homeowners. Our services address issues and concerns regarding supply chains, organizational structures, and building structures. Transitioning to renewable energy and sustainable systems takes planning and strategy. Our team will thoroughly assess your operations, detect areas where you can improve, and create intelligent solutions that fit seamlessly with your day-to-day activities and workflow. Our services boost management and employee efficiency.

reusing the waste bottles

Advocacy and Education for Waste Management Industries

At Terra Forma Planetary Engineering Architect, we want to reimagine what’s possible for the waste and renewable energy industries. Its current constructs pose numerous risks and problems for organizations, individuals, and the environment. We serve as advocates for our clients by evaluating their sustainability and presenting essential data regarding waste practices. Our consultant will educate you about where your organization can grow and how you can boost profits by switching to cleaner, sustainable, renewable energy systems. Your unique solutions will be developed and implemented within your budget and timeline.

Terra Forma Planetary Engineering Architects

Mailing Address
PO Box 10393
Phoenix, AZ 85064


Message me on the website, and I will contact you directly.


Hours of Operation
Available 24/6