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Municipal Solid Waste Management in Phoenix, AZ

Terra Forma Planetary Engineering Architect is a sustainability consulting firm specializing in municipal solid waste management in Phoenix, AZ. Our mission is to repurpose waste and transform it into an invaluable resource for the betterment of the municipal waste industry. We provide project management, systems analysis, and advice on new technologies for state, local, and federal municipal organizations that want to enhance their systems and save capital. We’ll ensure your organization is within compliance and operating at maximum efficiency.

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Implementing Efficient Waste Streams and Operations

As the amount of daily solid waste production increases, sustainability is needed more than ever before. We have an extensive background in devising and implementing management systems. Our developments help organizations save capital, conserve resources, and become environmentally responsible. We can develop solutions for the most complex solid waste operations through the following services:

  • Examining and auditing solid waste disposal practices
  • Identifying flaws and inefficiencies within solid waste management systems
  • Developing efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable solid waste management solutions
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What Is a Solid Waste Management Audit?

Auditing your operations is essential to creating customized solutions. Our consulting services start with waste and process audits, enabling us to find issues and develop ways to remedy them. The audits give us and your teams a complete understanding of your day-to-day operations, practices, and areas where you can improve. The types of activities performed during a solid waste audit include:

  • Record and essential document examinations
  • Facility walkthroughs
  • Waste evaluation and categorization
  • Team and operational workflow analysis
  • Waste stream and movement assessments

Our Waste Management Improves Communities

At Terra Forma Planetary Engineering Architect, we understand the immense impact local landfills and municipal waste organizations have on local communities. Waste management quality affects the health, safety, and livelihood of people, animals, and ecosystems. Innovative solutions are needed to control and reduce the threats of solid waste. Our team comprises seasoned professionals with knowledge and skills in the latest waste management technologies, and we implement and show organizations how to properly use them. Our services will make your organization better for the environment and significantly reduce your spending.

Sustainable Solutions for a Successful Future